Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Is it Here Yet?!

Are we there yet? I'm talking about spring! Winter has been brutal for most of us. When 17 degrees F feels warm, there's a problem. I am trying hard to be positive but my efforts are wearing thin. I started a pair of socks using the brightest and most colorful sock yarn in my stash. If Spring won't come to me, I will bring Spring to me!


I am awaiting my latest order from Knit Picks. In it will be a beautiful blue, cotton blend, light weight yarn that will be used to knit a sweater for those cooler spring days or the overly air conditioned public places. 
So why is it that temperatures are so darn cold in public places? Recently I spent some time in southern Florida and was amazed at how cold the grocery stores, restaurants and shopping malls were. People bring sweaters and jackets wherever they go despite the outside temps of (plus) 80 degrees. I don't believe i's necessary or good business practice, I actually left a store because I was too cold. If I had my latest knit hat, I would have put it on. Who knew...

Sorry for the short entry this time but I have a ton to catch up on. 
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