Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Overnight snow total: 5 inches
Today's temperature: 1 degree Fahrenheit, wind chills, -20 degrees YIKES!
Kind neighbor with snow blower: Priceless

Just another day of winter in Chicagoland! I decided to get the driveway shoveled before I picked up my knitting needles in fear that I would change my mind and wait for my husband to come home from a long day at work (not to mention the commute to and fro) to do the shoveling. That just doesn't seem right, I am very capable of shoveling. Besides by the time he gets home it will be dark and a lot colder. I look at shoveling as a workout, a nice change from the gym. All is good!
On go the long johns, quick wick long sleeve shirt, wooly (hand knit socks, yum) and down the stairs for the outer layers. As I approached the closet seeking my warmest coat I spied a glimpse of my neighbor snow blowing my driveway. Does it get better than that! Yeah, didn't think so.
I poked my head out to say thanks but I feel a bigger thank you is deserved, especially since this is the second time he has done this. Into the kitchen I go, who doesn't like home baked goodies. I have three bananas begging to be used for muffins and a new recipe to try.

Google Dawn Forrester for this and other tempting recipes!

I think I will also bake some cookies with a tried and true Betty Crocker recipe as back up, should I mess up the banana muffins. I'm a much better cook than baker. 

Continuing my resolution to Pay It Forward, I best get baking so that I have some time to continue knitting hats for charity.

Glad you had a chance to stop by today!  CeCe