Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Purdue shooting

I received word of the shooting on the Purdue University campus, when my son texted me to tell me he was safe as were those he knows. I have been insanely following any and all news related media coverage trying to make sense of this act of violence. As if there is any sense in such behavior.
About two hours after the initial report the campus, with the exception of the building the shooting occurred at, was declared safe and all activities were to resume as normal.
NORMAL? Really, how does one go from lock down to normal in two hours? Shame on the powers that be to okay ten of thousands of students to return to a campus after such a terrifying incident.
No information has been delivered declaring if any or all shooting suspects have been taken into custody. Does anyone really know if a shooter has not fled to a different building in hopes of avoiding capture?
What about the mental states of the students? I for one would not have the capacity to concentrate. My thoughts would be focused on my safety, why this happened, was anyone hurt. The list could go on for miles. I have assured my son that it is okay not to return to campus today.
I understand the University wants to move forward but that thought does not lessen the impact of the terror felt by so many.
I do hope more questions are answered before another statement regarding normalcy is put out there.
There is nothing normal about this situation!
Hoping all students and staff are safe,

purdue university