Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Big Chill

I believe in yesterday, when the temperature was a mild 56 degrees in Chicago! Woke up, got out of bed, pulled a sweater over my head...okay bad stab at some Beatles music but Brrrrrrr.
Winter has arrived with its freezing temps and blustery winds, apparently snow is around the corner. I guess it wants it's own starring role.
I have dug into my bin of winter "warmies" as dubbed years back when my kids were in preschool. I have included some pics of the projects that are quick to complete and make great Christmas gifts for those hard to buy people on your list.

This infinity cowl took about an hour. I used a size 13 needle and worsted weight yarn. The pattern is a pretty basic lace motif. Knit 1, Yarn over, knit 2 together, Knit last stitch. I casted on 20 stitches but any even number will work. This was not done in the round so you will have to seam the ends together in any method you prefer. Personally I hate seaming but 20 stitches wasn't a big deal, sweaters on the other hand..

This ear warmer is from a pattern I downloaded from the internet. This project took a bit longer, but was finished in one day, including the flower. I did not use the pattern for their flower as it is crocheted, and I don't crochet. I made five petals for the base of the flower  and knitted a circle using double pointed needles. I threaded the long tail I left after binding off, through the circle and gently tugged forming the center of the flower. Completely experimental but I liked how it turned out. Don't hesitate trying something different, make it your own!

For you non knitters looking for a quick gift:
Using left over yarn and some store bought cone shaped styrofoam pieces (in different sizes or cut to fit) and a piece of wood I had from trees that were trimmed in my yard last fall, yeah I don't throw away anything, I put together this years' centerpiece for my Christmas table.

After deciding on the height of each piece, I had to cut one cone shorter, I mixed some craft glue with a bit of water, making a consistency similar to pancake batter, and painted half the cone. I wrapped the yarn around the cone, keeping each layer close to each other. Then I applied the glue to the top half and finished covering the cone. I wrapped each cone twice to make sure the styrofoam didn't show through. Listen up, when painting the glue north the yarn, remember to move back and forth only. Going up and down will pull the yarn off the cone! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy going against the grain every now and then, but this is not one of those times. Trust me on this one!   
Another idea is to use yarn and string along ornaments, hand made or store bought, and make your own garland. I have seen it where the yarn is chunky and braided for a sturdier rope, handy if the ornaments are big and/ or heavy.

It would appear my internet connection is not enjoying the winter weather and is having some major issues! If only I could think of something to knit or craft to make it happy. That in mind, cuddle up and brave the big chill.
Thanks for visiting me at The Knitted Nest,