Monday, November 11, 2013

10 Places Not to Knit

I have been asked many times if I knit in public and the answer is yes, definitely. However, there are places I wouldn't think to break out the old needles and yarn.

Here is my list of the top 10 places I will never be found knitting.

  1. Funeral or wake: do I need to elaborate?
  2. On the toilet: or in the bathroom in general
  3. While driving: you would be surprised
  4. A parent-teacher conference: for obvious reasons
  5. Sanctuaries in any house of worship: focus should be elsewhere
  6. On the golf course: you don't want to hold up the foursome behind you
  7. Weddings: drunk knitting-never a good idea
  8. Graduation ceremony: seats are way too close together
  9. Health club: complete contradiction 
  10. Sports event (professional): probably wont get pass security anyway

And here are my top ten places I enjoy knitting (home is not included, it's a given)

  1. Waiting rooms: supplied reading material is always out of date
  2. Airport: Check current TSA list
  3. Train Depot: once you get bored people watching
  4. Parks: I find great inspiration here
  5. Botanic Gardens: see parks
  6. Coffee house: better with more knitters
  7. Car: as long as you are not the driver
  8. Carpool line: finished a cardigan one school year
  9. Library: have a ?, resources are handy
  10. Malls: especially while waiting for your daughter
So that's it for my lists. Please add your favorite place to knit and the place you definitely won't knit. As always, thanks for stopping by,