Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Confession

Life is demanding, hurried and wonderful! I have been so busy knitting for the holidays that sometimes I have to remind myself to take a breath. Its ridiculous how things can take over your life. I became a mom one month prior to my 28th birthday and by the age of thirty my husband and I were parents to two children. Naturally, they consumed every moment of my life with carpools, activities, homework, PTA, discipline, cooking, cleaning and most importantly laughter. As they got older and needed me less for day to day survival, more time was spent enjoying each others company. I could not begin to count the times when I was in a moment of panic or anger and one of the kids would say something so off the wall that I just had to let go of my crazy and laugh.

They are older now, in college and trying to find their inner adult. Pretty cool concept but it doesn't always work! I am glad for that, I need to be wanted and want to be needed (by them). They are maturing into good, happy adults. They have a healthy respect for others, the world around them and most importantly themselves. They don't fall to peer pressure, they do seek advice from those in the know and are focused on their future. I am so proud of their achievements and look forward to the great things they will accomplish one day.

So what to do with this available time? I painted almost every wall in our house, planted several new gardens and found a shoebox that contained a couple pairs of knitting needles and some yarn odds and ends.
I booted up the computer and searched for sites that could teach me to knit. (Wish the Internet was around while I was growing up). I did have some prior experience knitting but it had been decades and to tell the truth my brain was a bit rusty with the terms and techniques. So there I sat, watching videos and reading anything and everything I could find on the Internet. I visited my local library and came home with several how-to books. After I had the basics down and I wanted to venture ahead with more interesting things than scarves so I enrolled in a knitting class at my local yarn shop (LYS). It was here that I became obsessed, not so much with knitting, but with yarn. I would walk the store feeling all the different types of fibers. I bought a few different types with absolutely no idea what I would use them for and so the obsession began.

Fast forward 5 years, I have way more yarn than completed projects! Bins of yarn are under the bed, boxes of yarn are stacked against the bedroom wall and more yarn is tucked away in shelving units in my office/craft room. I have yarn stored in plastic bags with a pattern I had in mind when I bought the yarn. I have enough sock yarn to cover every foot in the neighborhood, plenty of wool and wool blends for projects of all sorts and yet, I was thinking of placing an order for more yarn. What, it's on sale.
I confess: Yes, I am a yarnaholic, no I don't need help!

Spin a yarn, leave a comment and as always thanks forstopping by The Knitted Nest!