Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Still figuring it out

Good morning!
It's 5:40 a.m.. Coffee has been brewed and poured. I sit in my "knitting" chair sipping my cinnamon laced cup of joe enjoying the silence. I bet if I walked outside I could hear the yawn of daybreak. I stare out the window, in marvel, watching the sun slowly announce its presence. The birds are happily singing as they and I, wait for our surroundings to wake up. It looks as if  my husbands newly completed ribbed scarf will spend another day on the closet shelf. The gift of mild weather has bought me another day to complete more winter garments and holiday items.
I am chomping at the bit to start a couple of new projects; I have beautiful yarn chosen for the two-tone twist hat, pattern found in the fall 2013 Love of  Knitting magazine. I will be using Knit Picks washable wool in light almost powdery gray and a very pale pink. They compliment each other so handsomely. Also, anxiously waiting to knit with the beautiful yarn I received as a swap from one of the members in a knitting group I attend. It is the Mini Mochi from Crystal Palace Yarns and I plan on using it to knit the Ocean City Shawlette, pattern purchased from http:/www.whitknits.com. There are some beautiful patterns on her site. It was tough limiting myself to only two!
My coffee cup is empty, I will take that as a sign to put down the keyboard and pick up the needles and yarn.
Thanks for stopping in,