Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's in a Number?

Numbers are complicated, just ask an accountant or a knitter! If the numbers "don't add up" the results won't be accurate. Can you imagine what could happen if a decimal is in the wrong place or numbers are transposed on a tax return? How about knitting with the wrong number of stitches and along comes a very critical section of a pattern and it can't be completed correctly because there are too many or not enough stitches? Both situations will set you back one way or another.

When I knit, I am always checking and double checking my stitch count, row count and any other count that may be necessary. Markers, lifelines and row counters are great tools to help keep the stitch and row counts accurate.

Currently I am working on a lace project (Ocean City Shawlette) that I mentioned in a previous post, using Mini Mochi by Crystal Palace, for the second time. I had made a "test" shawlette using Knit Picks tonal sock yarn Canopy, a green variegated colorway I received in a yarn swap. I mention this being a test knit because I very rarely wear anything green, it competes with my complexion making me look very jaundiced. I felt it would make a great gift for someone with the right coloring this Christmas, so off I went "testing". The yarn is beautiful and a pleasure to work with just not my color. I completed the shawlette and wore it while out with my sister, to get the feel of the drape and to see if I wanted to alter the size. Make a long story short, my sister went gaga over it and is now wearing this beautiful creation which looks absolutely amazing with her red hair and light skin . Unfortunately, I did not take a photo before gifting her shawlette.
I must say for a lace pattern this is/was truly a knit that any level knitter can do. It has enough complexity to keep me from getting bored and not too much to make my head spin! Since every wrong side row is worked the same, I used the wrong side row(s) as a lifeline I did use the marker as mentioned and the additional marker suggested. These markers made is so easy to keep my stitch count as I followed the well designed charts. I have completed chart 1 and 1 of the 4 repeats of chart 2 and still have the correct number of stitches. I am enjoying how the color, Caramel Latte, is knitting up. It's a self striping yarn with a subtle color change. It's very earthy and neutral and can be worn with anything. I am looking forward to wearing this great accessory all season long.

A number on its own may not mean much but in context, it has a lot of value.

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