Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Tight Knit Community

Thanksgiving is around the corner. Many of us are busy planning menus, gathering necessary items or thinking about how the table will be set. Others are planning on re-building, gathering materials to do so or thinking about how they will start over.
This past Sunday, the Midwest was ravaged by severe storms and multiple tornadoes. My home state of Illinois was hit particularly hit hard. I wept as I watched the television coverage of the destroyed lives, homes and towns. It truly is a miracle that more lives were not lost.
Stories of kindness unfolded one after the other. Neighbors searching the wreckage for others that may need help, volunteers delivering water, food and clothing, donations of money being promised and in one town, the Washington Panthers, the high school football team (as well as other athletes from the high school) came out to support their community as the community has done for them - just one day earlier (and all season long), as the Panthers won their game and the opportunity to play in the post season.
This game is scheduled for November 23rd against Sacred Heart-Griffin High School in Springfield. Chartered buses are being secured by the hosting team so that the Washington fans can continue their support for the Panthers. The hosting team will also be feeding the Washington Panthers players before and after the game. Football is a big here and having the chance to grab onto something that can provide a bit of normalcy is needed.
Thank you Sacred Heart-Griffin High School for your generosity and defining what is really important, teamwork!
As Thanksgiving nears, let us remember how much we have to be thankful for and keep those whom have suffered in our hearts and prayers.
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20 hours ago - Dozens of tornadoes killed 6 people and flattened hundreds of homes in Illinois Sunday. Gov. Pat Quinn today declared 7 counties disaster ...